Choosing shareholders over employees is always going to backfire

This is not a Hollow Knight review. This is a review of those who have never believed in Hollow Knight.

Credit: Team Cherry

Hollow Knight risked not ever seeing the light of day.

BoJack Horseman has finally ended. What did it teach us? What can writers take out of that?

Credit: Netflix

And I fell in love.

It’s not just about ‘reading a lot’.

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Remember that time of your life when Disney wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore? Well, look at you now…

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When you feel like an old Asterix & Obelix film is worth more than the latest Star Wars (and by a lot), there’s clearly something wrong going on.

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Now that Netflix has brought back You for an amazing second season, Joe Goldberg demonstrates yet again we can all relate with a psychopath on screen. How is that even possible?

Credit: Netflix

I’m wasting so much time in Death Stranding’s random deliveries

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It’s too easy to merely talk about rebellion. The real challenge is taking action.

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Can babble endlessly about storytelling. Penniless sitar player, 2-bit fiction writer. | Writer at The Startup. Editor & Community Manager at Creativepool.

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