Choosing shareholders over employees is always going to backfire

One of the most hyped games of the year is also, coincidentally, one of the most problematic and debated titles of the decade. The industry is in turmoil after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, which I myself have been yearning for quite some time, following the news that the game is essentially unplayable on old gen consoles.

This comes to the surprise of many, including reviewers, developers and other professionals in the gaming industry. In short, Cyberpunk is so bugged that it crashes every few hours, it has pop-up issues and frequent T-poses, poor textures and awful optimisation, especially on…

This is not a Hollow Knight review. This is a review of those who have never believed in Hollow Knight.

Credit: Team Cherry

Nice game, Hollow Knight.
Can’t say much else about it. 25 hours of gameplay in, it’s got among the best art in the history of 2D, balanced yet punitive gameplay, and a map so stunning it can make your arsehole widen in awe.

It’s one of those incredibly rare cases in which you don’t need to finish a game before you can give a judgement. Hollow Knight is a great game. Period.

To think that, had it been for you, it wouldn’t have ever existed.

Hollow Knight risked not ever seeing the light of day.

Team Cherry is a development…

BoJack Horseman has finally ended. What did it teach us? What can writers take out of that?

Credit: Netflix

So this is it. We’re done with that mess that was the life of BoJack Horseman. God, what a ride.

Was it perfect? Nah. Was it good? Definitely. I’ve been dreading an awful series finale for a while (especially after what happened with Game of Thrones and God-knows-how-many-other-shows), and I truly feared BoJack would be no different. Rushed. Shallow. Utterly disappointing.

Except it wasn’t. BoJack Horseman went out with a bang, and the finale felt as powerful as one could expect from the rest of the series.

And I fell in love.

Shenzhen Aoni Electronic has kindly asked me to write a review for its Mixcder E10 Noise Cancelling Headset, now available on What follows is a subjective review of the headset, based on my experience with gaming, podcasting and music.

Choirs emerge from silence. A couple of logos fade in from black, as the beautiful theme of Ori and the Blind Forest fills my ears and flows straight to my heart. Colours spread all over the screen. The main menu appears. I’m in love.

These were but the very first moments of Ori’s journey and I hadn’t even started the…

It’s not just about ‘reading a lot’.

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

Sometimes, I just happen to be wandering around Reddit in boredom. Such is the life of the procrastinating creative writer who should really be working on his next novel right now.

It happened a few days ago. One user had a dream, and he decided to show it to Reddit: he wanted to learn creative writing. But he did not know where to start.

Make no mistakes, creative writing is an awful lot. There’s a lot to know, a lot to do, a lot to think about. And there are those who will try and sell you THE ULTIMATE FORMULA…

Remember that time of your life when Disney wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore? Well, look at you now…

Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash

You know, a part of me kinda hates Disney. It is a relentless machine, blatantly trying to take advantage of my childhood to spill money out of my wallet. A part of me doesn’t want to love Disney. But then again, if that’s true, how come my heart still melts at each new Disney movie?

I think you will always go back to Disney. You just can’t help it.

Perhaps there were times in which I strode away from the Mouse. It was all temporary, of course. Back when I was roughly 13, social networks were about to boom and…

When you feel like an old Asterix & Obelix film is worth more than the latest Star Wars (and by a lot), there’s clearly something wrong going on.

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

I was disappointed in Episode IX. I was expecting an amazing finale for the new Star Wars trilogy and all I got instead was a bunch of fan-service, a group of barely outlined characters and a rushed film lacking clear directions from the start.

It’s worth saying that, when I went to watch the film with a friend last week, we both had pretty low expectations as we walked into the screen room. Little did we know that The Rise of Skywalker would crush those feeble hopes too.

It might also be worth mentioning that I’ve never been one of…

Now that Netflix has brought back You for an amazing second season, Joe Goldberg demonstrates yet again we can all relate with a psychopath on screen. How is that even possible?

Credit: Netflix

Let’s face it, we all kinda rooted for Joe in You. It’s not that we’re bad people (although yes, we are allowed to feel that way sometimes). And it’s not even because of how we get introduced to his story; Joe acts like a psychopath since episode 1, with little to no sign of true redemption.

The reasons we find him interesting reach far beyond the sheer realm of the mysterious, romantic and charming—a place all men hope they could belong to. Joe is a stellar example of anti-hero and a deeply relatable character. …

I’m wasting so much time in Death Stranding’s random deliveries

Photo by Geoffrey Lucas on Unsplash

A friend of mine told me he ditched University to play Death Stranding for six hours straight. Another told me he wouldn’t spend a day without touching it, and others have even managed to complete it in less than a week since release.

Death Stranding is the game of the moment, and I get that. I’m totally up for that, because I’m part of the gang too. Every time I leave home I’m thinking about the next delivery, the next plot point, plot twist, plot something. …

It’s too easy to merely talk about rebellion. The real challenge is taking action.

You should know by now that Gameromancer is not afraid to say what it’s thinking, even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. But we have decided that this is not enough. Because when you’re living in a world filled with old fogeys who are desperately looking to sound pompous, when talking about games, the only real rebellious act stands in subverting the roles. We need to start an uprising and, like all meaningful rebellions in the history of mankind, we need to start it from below. Or whatever below is. …

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