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There’s nothing wrong in carrying the weight of the world.

Two days ago I approached a friend of mine with renewed spirit. I told him I don’t give a damn if NieR: Automata was released two years ago; I need to write about the game. Thank God I decided to do it.

Because NieR: Automata is a masterpiece. No excuses

This is not a Hollow Knight review. This is a review of those who have never believed in Hollow Knight.

Credit: Team Cherry

Nice game, Hollow Knight.
Can’t say much else about it. 25 hours of gameplay in, it’s got among the best art in the history of 2D, balanced yet punitive gameplay, and a map so stunning it can make your arsehole widen in awe.

It’s one of those incredibly rare cases…

BoJack Horseman has finally ended. What did it teach us? What can writers take out of that?

Credit: Netflix

So this is it. We’re done with that mess that was the life of BoJack Horseman. God, what a ride.

Was it perfect? Nah. Was it good? Definitely. I’ve been dreading an awful series finale for a while (especially after what happened with Game of Thrones and God-knows-how-many-other-shows), and I…

When you feel like an old Asterix & Obelix film is worth more than the latest Star Wars (and by a lot), there’s clearly something wrong going on.

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

I was disappointed in Episode IX. I was expecting an amazing finale for the new Star Wars trilogy and all I got instead was a bunch of fan-service, a group of barely outlined characters and a rushed film lacking clear directions from the start.

It’s worth saying that, when I…

Now that Netflix has brought back You for an amazing second season, Joe Goldberg demonstrates yet again we can all relate with a psychopath on screen. How is that even possible?

Credit: Netflix

Let’s face it, we all kinda rooted for Joe in You. It’s not that we’re bad people (although yes, we are allowed to feel that way sometimes). …

I’m wasting so much time in Death Stranding’s random deliveries

Photo by Geoffrey Lucas on Unsplash

A friend of mine told me he ditched University to play Death Stranding for six hours straight. Another told me he wouldn’t spend a day without touching it, and others have even managed to complete it in less than a week since release.

Death Stranding is the game of the…

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