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  • Benek Lisefski

    Benek Lisefski

    I’m a UX/UI designer from Auckland, New Zealand. Writing about freelancing & business for indie designers & creatives at https://solowork.co

  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith

    UX Design,UI Design, Web Design. I like sharing All thing about design!

  • Navdeep Raj

    Navdeep Raj

    Head of Design & Product Innovation @ Hypersonix http://navdeepraj.com

  • Ruixin J. Zhang

    Ruixin J. Zhang

    Founder of Formulas Studio

  • Russ W

    Russ W

    Recovering agency survivor. Writer. Creative. Empath. Human. Hit me up: russellweigandt@gmail.com

  • Angela Lashbrook

    Angela Lashbrook

    I’m a columnist for OneZero, where I write about the intersection of health & tech. Also seen at Elemental, The Atlantic, VICE, and Vox. Brooklyn, NY.

  • Ryan J. Pelton

    Ryan J. Pelton

    Teacher | Writer | Author-preneur of twenty one books. Get updates, tips, and interesting links at Motivation Monday’s: https://www.ryanjpelton.com/newsletter

  • August Birch

    August Birch

    Indie Creator | Top 1,000 Medium Writer | Marketing Strategies | Tap for My Free, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass: bookmechanicmedia.com/your-first-1000-subscribers/

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