You Will Always Go Back to Disney

Remember that time of your life when Disney wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore? Well, look at you now…

And then, one day, you realised the same things that made you laugh as a child could now move you to tears.

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Why do I love Disney so much?

It isn’t a matter of age. You will always go back to Disney because you couldn’t live without those stories. Perhaps you wouldn’t even be who you are, if it weren’t for them.

Why do I care about Disney characters so much?

Deep down, most Disney fans don’t really, really care about Disney itself — they care about Disney characters, which in turn are what breathes life into the brand itself. Those childhood heroes build long-lasting relationships with viewers and are what Disney fans will remember as they walk out of the cinema or turn off their screens.

Why do I miss my Disney childhood so much?

Thinking of Disney brings back childhood memories. Some of them are painful, others are pleasant to relive in your mind— either way, we’re all eternally attached to them.

Because the real world outside is much scarier than it seemed when I watched Aladdin or Hercules in my little bedroom. And sometimes, not always, I just need to slow down and take a quick break from it all.

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Can babble endlessly about storytelling. Penniless sitar player, 2-bit fiction writer. | Writer at The Startup. Editor & Community Manager at Creativepool.

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